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Ekatatva (silver)

Sanskrit Meaning : एकतात्व Fundamental truth, everlasting unity

Power & Benefits :

Overcome Fear & Worry

Knowing one’s truth and living one’s truth aren’t always the same thing. This sacred mala beads necklace with our sacred symbols pendant, unites the powers of the world’s faiths into one subtle power channel. It is authentically activated to channel the peace, power and protection of these sacred symbols to you as you walk the path of your enlightenment.

Our Ekatatva mala features the AUM Symbol at the center, and is surrounded by seven sacred symbols of divine power, including:

the meditating Buddha
– the Star and Crescent
– the Cross – the Star of David
– the Yin-Yang
– Khanda symbol
– Shiva’s Trishula

Power & Benefit:

  • Activated for heightened meditation experience
  • Brings peace and clarity
  • Helps overcome fear and worry
  • Protection from negativity
  • Stands for unity in diversity

Oxydized .925 silver pendant with authentic and rare 4mm rudraksha beads strung on .925 silver wire

Mala has 72 beads and pendant, also available with 108 beads plus pendant

Length of Mala: 27.5” (70 cm) mala bead necklace with 1.2″ (3cm) diameter pendant, with 27.5″

Approx weight of silver: 24 gr


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