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EKATAS I (silver – amethyst)

Sanskrit Meaning : एकतस्- All together, with one unified vision

Power & Benefits :

Heal & Prevent Heartbreak

The power of Amethyst, once authentically activated, is known to heal the mind and body and to protect “the doorway to the soul”, the heart, from negativity and heartbreak. ‘Aum’ [pronounced “Om”] is the original seed-sound-vibration of the universe, the first manifestation of Shakti and the infinite power of Mother Divine. Our Ekatas pendant features the faceted amethyst stone set at the center, surrounded by seven sacred symbols of divine power, including:

the meditating Buddha
– the Star and Crescent
– the Cross
– the Star of David
– the Yin-Yang
– Khanda symbol
– Shiva’s Trishula

Power & Benefit:

  • Protection from negativity
  • Healing of the heart & mind
  • Opening spiritual channels
  • Standing for unity in diversity

This beautiful Sacred Symbols power pendant has been spiritually activated to open the channel, which sequentially accesses the 1,008 Shaktis (sacred power channels) of Mother Divine, so that Divine Peace and Oneness increase in your heart and mind and protect your daily life.   

Pendant and chain necklace with lobster clasp made with amethyst, .925 silver

Pendant: 1.2″ (3 cm) diameter pendant, 18″ (46 cm) necklace

Other chain lengths available: 20”, 24”

Approx Weight of silver: 21 gr


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