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Sanskrit Meaning : दुर्जय unvanquished

Power & Benefits :

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Durjaya is one of the 1,008 names of Shiva. It means “the unvanquished”. Both on the road to success and when you reach your destination, challenges and obstacles persist. No matter your journey — whether it leads you out into the world or inward to experience the infinite power of your soul, our fully activated Durjaya mala helps remove the challenges and obstacles in your way to success and fulfillment.  

In the Shiva Purana, Lord Shiva reminds us: “You have to learn to be graceful when negativity arises. In this way you can allow it to take its form and disappear.”

Mala is a combination of authentically blessed, rare and powerful 4.5mm rudraksha, amethyst, carnelian, 216 beads ( 2 x 108) strung on silk with petal-shaped, 22k gold vermeil pendant.

Mala length: 101cm/ 40 “

Pendant bead length: 2.5cm/  1.2“


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