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DHARMARAJA (gold – turquoise)

Sanskrit Meaning : धर्मराज A regal presence, cherished for its grace, respected for its wisdom, honored for its deep sense of duty

Power & Benefits :

Unlock Creativity & Improve Communication


Turquoise is one of the oldest healing stones used in many traditions, represented also on this pendant. It’s a gemstone related to Vishuddha (throat) chakra, that governs communication, self-expression. The throat chakra is a very important channel in our relationship with people and the world. It’s also the place where Shiva holds the “Halahala” (poison), and for us it means, we need to strengthen this chakra to handle the poison (negativity and illusions) we receive from outside masterfully, and to burn the poison (negativity) we churn in our minds through our karmas, our lack of clarity and self-worth. Therefore it is a stone for self-empowerment, creating balance and strength in these sensitive areas.     

With the creation of our sacred symbols collection we aimed to create an experience of Divine power through sacred union of faith and wisdom. Each symbol is a locket of power, and by bringing together in one jewelry piece and by adding Vedic healing gems, which are activated and blessed with a specific intention, you can intimately connect with that energy and experience the transformational process of unlocking and tapping into the sacred power of the sacred symbols and gems.

Our classy and elegant Dharmaraja bracelet cuff unites some of the World’s most beloved faiths into one sacred circle of divine power :

the AUM symbol

the meditating Buddha
– the Star and Crescent
– the Cross
– the Star of David
– the Yin-Yang
– Khanda symbol
– Shiva’s trishula

Power & Benefits —

The shakti (spiritual power) channeled through this elegant Sacred Symbols cuff is authentically activated:

  • Protection from unknown negativity
  • Creating sense of ease & balance through authentic self-expression
  • Improved communication
  • Can work as a tool to connect & attract your “tribe”
  • Stand for unity in diversity

Crafted in 22k gold vermeil and set with turquoise gems, handmade in Bali.

Available size of this bracelet cuff: M/L, L/XL

silver weight: approx 47 grams (depending on size)


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