Bless Your Life. Manifest Your Intentions


Sanskrit Meaning : Fulfillment

Power & Benefits :

Finding Your Purpose & Inspiration


For those who embrace Dayaka, Fulfillment comes as a rightful inheritance. Dayaka’s divine power first manifested during the birth of Sri Mata Durga, whose purpose in coming into the world was to bestow on us the grace and  strength to overcome whatever obstacles we face, especially the ones we create for ourselves. Combining  turquoise, pink agate, carnelian, and pearls, this distinctive rudraksha mala brings huge protection, profound clarity of purpose, heightened creativity, and a greater love for life. Above all, Dayaka’s power, which has been fully activated in this mala through an ancient Shakti (soul power) process, inspires the best in us to fully awaken and be expressed, revealing itself as a truly super-natural part of who you are: a rightful heir to the Divine Light.


authentic 8mm sacred Rudraksham, turquoise, pink agate, carnelian, pearl, 22k gold vermeil


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