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Dalakomala (gold)

Sanskrit Meaning : दलकोमल Lotus

Power & Benefits :

Peace of Mind & Balance


I, the divine power that resides in each petal of the sacred lotus flower, remove all fears, overcome confusion, anxiety and all doubts, which might hinder you from knowing, living and sharing your highest Truth, Light, Peace and Love. I exist only in the light, my inner divine fragrance dispelling all illusions, which empower the murky waters of life to cast in your way. With me, you can walk freely through your life, knowing you are protected from heartbreak and in peace. Whenever a storm rages, my beauty, wisdom and grace remain ever resolute and gloriously untouched. To you, I channel confidence and peace.

Our striking, intricately designed ‘Dalakomala’ stud earrings, handmade in .925 silver and gold-plated with 22k gold, crafted in a blooming lotus shape centered above a dangling 8mm sacred Rudraksha, are fully activated and blessed to channel greater and greater confidence, competence, peace of mind and balance into you and your life.

Earring length:  3 cm/1.2”

approx. silver weight:  4.5 gr


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