Bless Your Life. Manifest Your Intentions


Sanskrit Meaning : Moon Light

Power & Benefits :

Peace of Mind & Balance


I am the sacred nectar encapsulated in the celestial Moon, as its true spiritual power and expression of divine grace. It is I the ancient texts speak of, not the physical moon itself, who reveals the nature of the mind and has the power to heal all of the mind’s ills. My nurturing strength, light and wisdom, perfect complements to those of the life-giving energy of the Sun, cool and quiet your mind and open your heart to Life’s glorious possibilities. Yet, I offer you more than this. Every path you follow comes with obstacles and challenges, each of which you must choose to face in your own way. With me, even the darkest, most treacherous path is illumined so that you can move forward with greater peace of mind and freedom from fear…or choose a better path for yourself.


Our Chandra-Gold earrings, each handcrafted to include a powerful and authentic, matching 8mm Rudraksha set in 22k gold vermeil, are fully-activated to protect the path you’re on and to empower you with greater clarity and inner strength so that you may more easily, gracefully and successfully handle and overcome whatever “lessons” might come your way.

size 1.2cm x 1cm, post earring 1cm, weight 2.6gr


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