Power / Benefits :

Meditation, Yoga & Self-Knowledge



Sanskrit Meaning: The Enlightened One



According to the wisdom of the Buddha, the mind, as most of us experience it, simply categorizes all information and all of our life experiences then configures and reconfigures their meanings based on changing circumstances and our emotional responses to them. It does not truly discriminate. It is like a monkey jumping from branch to branch in search of temporary satisfaction.

“Buddha” means ‘higher mind’. Through deep inquiry into the mind’s source, Siddharta, the prince of Gautama, transformed into the Gautama Buddha, the living embodiment of the “higher mind” filled with crystal clarity and Divine Peace. Matched, fully-activated 6mm sacred rudraksham strung on ecru silk-cotton thread with tassel and brushed Sterling silver, 22k gold vermeil guru bead.


Authentic 6mm Rudraksha, silk, with 22 karat gold vermeil guru pendant bead

Length: 40″/98cm, guru bead 1 cm, tassel length: 5cm


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