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Bliss – Mukhi 15

Power & Benefits :

Spiritual Experience & Soul Power

Our 15 mukhi Revelation Collection necklace features an activated & blessed 15 Mukhi, handcrafted in a protective and ornate silver case wrapping around this elevating  bead.

About the 15 mukhi Power Rudraksha:

Opens one’s awareness to the subtlest state of consciousness, Ritambhara Pragya, “where only the Truth is known”. From there, the heart’s deepest desires easily manifest. Confers tremendous energy and vitality and inspires greater depth of insight, including recognizing the status of another soul.

Highly recommended for seekers of truth, scientist, entrepreneurs, and anyone inspired to manifest their creativity.


15 mukhi in Sterling silver casing on silver cable chain with small lobster claw clasp closure. Handmade in Bali.

Available with 18″ (46cm), 20″ (51 cm) and 24″(61 cm) cable chain necklace.

Size of 15 mukhi bead: approx. 12 x 22mm,

silver pendant with mukhi bead: 25 x 25mm,

silver weight: 7 – 8 grams, depending on length of chain



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