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Bhola Shankara (silver)

Sanskrit Meaning : Shiva, the Divine Gift-Giver

Power & Benefits :

Health & Purification


This is the perpetual promise of Bhola Shankara, ‘No request is too great to fulfill…as long as it’s made with an open heart.” This combination of energetically matched rudraksha, carnelian, and turquoise strung on Sterling silver wire, finished with a hand-crafted Shiva pendant, is activated to help open your heart, access your deeper intuition, increase your sankalpam (your willpower), and amplify the strength of your wishes and your deepest longings. In the process, it also heals your body, mind, and soul.authentic 6.5mm sacred rudraksham, carnelian, turquoise, 22k gold vermeil, ornate S-hook clasp.


authentic 6.5mm sacred rudraksham, carnelian, turquoise, ornate s-hook clasp, Shiva pendant, 925 silver



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