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Sanskrit Meaning : Devotion

Power & Benefits :

Heal & Prevent Heartbreak


Bhakti literally means ‘devotion to & from the Divine’. It’s a 2-way street. That’s its secret. It opens your heart, increases your ability to express Love more fully, and it fills you, increasing your personal experience of Love. Bhakti heals. Activated to fully awaken its power, our Bhakti mala, strung on 22k gold vermeil Sterling silver wire, combines fine rudraksha & high-quality freshwater pearls, finished with an extremely rare 13-Mukhi Power Rudraksha. As it increases your capacity to experience Love, it prevents the single greatest catalyst of negative karma, heartbreak.


authentic 9mm sacred rudraksham, high grade fresh water pearls, 13 mukhi power rudraksha, 22k gold vermeil


About the rare 13 Mukhi Power Rudraksha

Confers “heaven on earth” — the power to enjoy all worldly pleasures while fully knowing, living, and sharing the power and grace of one’s highest spiritual path. It’s power is to heal & prevent heartbreak. Opens the heart to pure devotion and, as a result, showers all possible material comforts on one’s life. It is said to confer the status of royalty on the wearer, giving riches and honor as well as “the Eight Divine Accomplishments” (known as Siddhis). For those “in the world” yet devoted to the pursuit of the Divine, it is especially helpful in attaining a true balance between one’s spiritual and materialistic aspirations.


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