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Bhagya (silver)

Sanskrit Meaning : भाग्य good luck

Power & Benefits :

Good Luck & Protection from Negativity

Ever wondered what creates good luck? In the ancient Indian spiritual tradition, we look at good luck as a matter of protection circles, and the strength of will that shines through when soul power is poured into an intention. Spiritual practice and spiritual power objects, like our energized sacred jewelry, assist in growing protection circles so that you are surrounded by  Divine protective, energy field. Especially in this day and age, success and happiness may never blossom if don’t invest your efforts and energy in clearing and protecting from the negative, as the negative forces are strong, powerful and omnipresent, and they only have one mission: to stop the positive energy from growing in the world. So, we must become energetically stronger to overcome this challenge the ruling force of negativity poses.

Our best-selling, fully activated Bhagya bracelet is the power bracelet designed to protect and guide you on your path. Recommended for anyone who seeks peace, power & protection.

authentic 8mm Rudraksha, black onyx, tiger eye, .925 silver components, strung on elastic

2 reviews for Bhagya (silver)

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    apidhajny (verified owner)

    I’m incredibly pleased with this bracelet! I had been debating for awhile now whether to finally make the purchase and I’m so glad I did. The bracelet is even better in person and the positive energy that comes with it is very welcome. Shipping to the US was also super fast which is always a plus. I’ll definitely be back for more!!

  2. Rated 4 out of 5

    Sharon (verified owner)

    The bracelet is exactly as the picture shown on your website. I am happy with this product.

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