Bless Your Life. Manifest Your Intentions


Sanskrit Meaning : Strength

Power & Benefits :

Overcome Fear & Worry

The true strength of the Divine, Bala, illumines one’s path while it overcomes all obstacles in your way, including and especially those that are known to be your greatest enemies in the world — doubt, fear and worry. Bala is the sacred power channel, which inspires mastery in your endeavors. It cuts through and removes the clouds of confusion, ignorance and fear, which dampen inspiration, thwart your purpose and undermine success. Yet, there is no power without the Divine Feminine. Our striking Bala bracelet includes an extraordinary sacred power object, a fully activated special 5-Mukhi Power Rudraksha, which harnesses and empowers you with the grace of the Divine.


Depending on size, 5 – 7 authentic 5-Mukhi Power Rudraksham, faceted agate, 925 silver, strung on elastic

About the 5 Mukhi Power Rudraksha 

Confers balance, clarity, inner harmony, physical strength & vitality. Awakens and empowers the Divine Feminine within. Overcomes worries & struggles, and protects from other people’s negativity while it increases the power of one’s authority.


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