Bless Your Life. Manifest Your Intentions


Sanskrit Meaning : unconfused, steady, cool

Power & Benefits :

Clarity, Focus & Intention

When the mind is peaceful, steady and calm, like a candle burning in a windless place, the true wisdom of the heart reveals itself. When it does, finding one’s true inspiration and purpose comes quickly and easily. Avyarga is the sacred Shakti (the divine power) that illumines the mind and heart with a healing grace so that the veil of obstacles, which appear to be blocking your way, is easily removed. Whenever you wear our fully activated Avyarga bracelet, walking the path to realization of your deepest desires and longings becomes an inspiration unto itself. Its divine power is channeled to and through you for no other purpose than to completely awaken your own.
authentic sacred rudraksha, aquamarine, rose quartz, amethyst, 22k gold vermeil, strung on elastic


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