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Overcome Fear & Worry



sanskrit meaning: fearless


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Abhaya Shakti is the power of the root that holds firm, unshaken, and unmoved, even while a terrifying storm rages. It is the fearlessness, which resides within peace. A self-secure energy, it inspires you to remain naturally calm and clear in adversity and wise in your pursuits. It is the secret why, when centered, one may accomplish anything. It holds you up, not back. Within it is the power of faith, an inner knowing, greater than hope. Fear cannot long stand in the presence of Abhaya Shakti.


Our Abhaya bracelet stack offers freedom from fear and the calming of worries. Our fully-activated, beautifully matched Rudraksha provide huge protection circles from negativity. Our Red Sandalwood channels the creative power of transformation, inspiring wholeness, while our Blue Sandstone removes grief and the obstacles that create it along the path to your fulfillment. Activated in combination, together they create the highest opportunity in spirituality and in life: to know and live your crystalline truth, free from the pressures of fear and loss.


stretchy bracelet stack w sacred 8mm, rudraksha beads, red sandalwood, blue sandstone, gold brass


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Weight 145 g


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