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How 80% of Illnesses come through past karma & 3 healing full moon practices

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Maybe you saw our recent facebook post that got a lot attention and people talking, and so I wanted to take the opportunity today to share more on the topic of how our health – or lack of it – is connected to past karmas, and more importantly, how we can change our karma by ingesting the right kind of medicine – spirituality – into our lives.

That said, I want to preface that the information I’m sharing with you is not self-fabricated or loosely interpreted by someone else but recorded in ancient palm leaf books, researched and written by some of the most awe-inspiring divine souls that have walked this planet in the last two thousand years. You will hear me emphasize this again and again, as perhaps like you, I feel it’s important to consider the ‘source of knowledge’ as there is so much questionable and confusing information about spirituality circulating out there, that it may be difficult to know what’s true and what’s not, and, in this case, what works and what doesn’t. I’ll share more about this ‘source of knowledge’ at a later point.

In many ways, the depth of our pain and personal suffering and the incredibly hard things we go through in life, including and maybe especially those that affect our bodies and health, is a tough subject to talk about, partly because, when we’re experiencing it, it’s hard NOT to be in the moment, focused on the pain. Naturally, at those times, we ask ourselves “What’s wrong with me? Why do I have to go through this? What have I done to deserve this?”

‘Karma’ doesn’t imply that you must suffer to get even or that somehow means you are a bad person or have done something very wrong in the past or even a past life, a past so distant you may not even be conscious of! This conclusion is simply NOT the truth! This piece of writing is intended to give you a truer, greater and more spiritually realistic inspiration and clarity, based on proven tools researched by supreme spiritual masters, which can change your life in powerful ways.

Karma — as defined by my teacher Sri Kaleshwar — means “the maya, when it covers on you through the illusions, whatever actions you do, the result of those actions, whatever comes back to you, is the karma.” So we create karma through actions inspired by our personal illusions, while simultaneously setting a reaction into motion. Yet, there is another type of karma, that is given by the Divine as a test on our status that comes to us from outside, from our environment.

We all know we live in a world of duality, which in the context of “karma” presents itself as both ‘good’ and ‘bad’. Unless we heal our karma at some point, we’ll continue to face the repetitive cycles of pain and pleasure, of growth and transformation or just feeling stuck, that our karma inspires. As important as it obviously is, karmically speaking, to pay attention to our actions, what I want to focus on here today is how we receive.

How we receive what happens in our life is a crucial part of creating karma, negative karma for ourselves. This is the place where we are most vulnerable, where our health & happiness comes into play.

So how do we receive what we sow and what is delivered to us? Well, the good stuff that feels yummy and rewards us with things we desire we obviously love, celebrate and indulge in completely. But what do we do with the other negative stuff, the events and circumstances we don’t like and can’t accept, that challenge us to the core, that make us uncomfortable, afraid, anxious, angry?

Do we shrug them off and concentrate on the positive things in our life instead?

That would be nice.

Nope. We suck it in. We suck it in and squeeze it and we hold it tight. We obsess over it, churning it in our minds over and over and over. Is it true? In this way, even a small negative experience or thought can grow into a giant mountain of fear and negativity. How much more negativity do you think we create for ourselves when the karma we’re facing is really difficult and painful or our negative thoughts are obsessive? These are part of the ‘personal illusions’ we talked about.  As a result, our emotions are amped and we invent realities in our heads to explain what we refuse to accept. We project our illusions and create a more fearful present and awful future with self-assured certainty. The more we fight what we don’t like, the greater the negative impact it has on our lives. In this way, the negativity not only seeps into our bodies, it drips like poison into our heart and soul.

Why do we do that?

Partly, we do it because there’s an intensity and pressure that we follow blindly in life. Part of that is the pressure of our past karma. But, the biggest part of it is that we have a strong attachment to what we want, the way and when we want it, which comes with its own expectations, and that energy that pulls our attention outward, away from our center of peace. And, this energy blurs our clarity. It funnels our power in ways that actually harm us and take away from our happiness. That energy is called ‘Kama’ energy. It makes us want what we want, when we want it and, if we don’t get it, we take it very personally, we get hurt and upset, and cry like babies. (Yep, been there, done that.)

As a result, we hold this kama-desire energy in our bodies, in one of our chakras (actually, in our ‘gutt’, just below the navel) and its influence radiates out from there, impacting our health and every other area of our lives. Kama creates Karma and Karma creates Kama. Together, these create an endless looping of same-old same-old negativity, even though it appears to take on a different name in a different place, manifesting through new circumstances and new people. When we’re chasing our Kama-energy-infused illusions, our actions become more selfish and constricting because, when we want what we want but don’t get it, we mentally-emotionally crash and burn. This internal lack of ease or “dis-ease” is a primary contributing factor and source of 80% of the physical illnesses we face. But, its negative effects don’t just impact our bodies and our external lives. Like a virus, it seeps deep inside and damages your soul, too.

Your soul is like a beautiful, fragile flower you must protect. It’s the biggest crime we do to ourselves, hurting our soul. Puncturing it like a tire, like my teacher used to say. Every time you resist and hold onto the negative, it’s a big punch to your soul. You change the gentle vibration of your soul this way and, as a result, you change the path of your life and go on a big detour through Karmaland, Usually not a joyride.

Today, I’m simply sharing with you the mechanics of how karma self-creates negativity and how important are the ways in which we receive, participate in and contribute to “Nature’s reactions” so that our personal experiences can be more positive, even when faced by negativity. Greater awareness is the first step towards change. The spiritual masters say 50% of the negativity in our lives is self-induced and, therefore, is unnecessary to that same degree. In modern terms, it’s the lesson called “Stop being so negative and selfish. Change!”

Here’s a sacred secret related another cause of the balance of our pain and suffering: the other 50% occurs to propel you forward you as a magnificent soul. The spiritual lessons and blessings we receive when we pass through the storms of life are immeasurable. It’s how we go through the hard stuff that makes us extraordinarily beautiful, capable and powerful souls. It all depends on how we receive things. That’s what we need to focus on. It’s how we can quickly and easily change our karma and kama.

This is a big subject, as you can see, and there’s a lot more to share. But, this article is already getting looong and there’s a lot of info here to digest! In my next post, we’ll discuss more about where in the body we hold our karma, how it spreads and makes us sick and what we can do to reverse the karmic impact and reinstate perfect soul-mind-body health.


In the meantime, here are three things you can start doing today, or on any full moon night since the spiritual energy offered by the full moon makes it a powerful time to charge your soul with shakti, high positive vibrations:


  • At midnight, under the full moon, let the rays of the moon touch you, at least for a few minutes. *Ideally, meditate with a mantra under the full moon for as much as an hour or two to receive the fullest effect.


  • Wear your mala and use it in your meditation because it, too, gets charged with these high vibrations — the sacred vibrations coming from the moon, the mantra and your soul. • Your mala will also continue to hold and carry these energies, supporting you whenever you wear it. So, wear it often.


  • And/or you can sit in your room, in front of a candle. Look into the flame without blinking or closing your eyes and do the following sadhana  (spiritual practice):


  • Take a few moments to think of an important negative energy, which you hold within yourself, like, jealousy, confusion, anxiety, fear, etc., then, with an open heart, send it into the flame with the intention to give it UP and over to the Divine. Keep looking into the flame without blinking until at least 2 tears roll down your face. Then, lay comfortably down on your back, close your eyes and pull the image of the flame into your third eye and keep looking at it in your inner vision.


In this way, you’ll receive a kind of divine medicine that heals your soul, your heart, your mind and your life. Hey, don’t just take my word for it! Follow this ancient sacred prescription and see for yourself.


We want to hear from you. Please leave a comment below and let us know how you deal with acceptance in the face of negativity and share with us your experience if you try our suggested full moon practices. I will answer any questions you may have and look forward to starting a conversation with you!



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