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Jewelry is always a beautiful accessory. By comparison, Soul Jewelry is a real treasure. To ancient India’s royalty as well as its spiritual masters, Soul Jewelry became important heirlooms, passed down from generation to generation. The energetic power of Soul Jewelry, like the pieces you’ll see on our site and enjoy wearing in your daily life, is known to last up to 7 generations. They’re truly worth taking care of. Here are some practical tips.


Every piece of Soul Jewelry is made from materials and objects found in nature. Some of these, like the gemstones, metals, silk and cotton thread, can be adversely affected by liquids and moisture. Storing your Soul Jewelry in a safe, dry place when not wearing them helps prolong their physical beauty.

Because our Soul Jewelry possesses tremendous spiritual properties, not just beautiful physical ones, we recommend you treat them as the Sacred Power Objects they are. For example, when not wearing them, place them in a designated “sacred space”, your home altar. Each article on your altar resonates its own spiritual power. Together, they create a sublime spiritual influence. Your altar upholds, amplifies & radiates their collective sacred power. If you have other blessed objects, like a statue or framed picture, on your altar, you can adorn them with your Soul Jewelry, which will add greater healing energy to them. Sacred “accessories”, like flowers, burning incense, and lit candles or small oil lamps, also add a harmonious energetic fragrance to your sacred space. For these reasons, it’s also important to keep your altar clean and fresh.

If you do not have an altar, it’s best to store your Soul Jewelry in a soft pouch or clean, folded cloth — to keep it protected. Silk is ideal but any soft, natural fiber will do. Be sure to keep this in a secure, dry place as well. Rudraksha beads, which are a core ingredient of our Soul Jewelry, are natural seeds and prolonged storage, especially in humid/damp, dark, dirty spaces can adversely affect them, since such places are natural breeding grounds for mold and mildew. Wearing your Soul Jewelry regularly — on a daily basis, as much as possible — will help prevent this. In addition, the more you wear your Soul Jewelry, the greater the energetic benefits you’ll receive.


Get a bowl of warm water and a soft hand brush.
Gently brush your beads with the warm water.
If your mala is strung on silver or is gold-plated,
we recommend using a soft tooth brush,
so you can brush with better precision
and avoid brushing the silver, especially the gold-plating.

Then, place it on a cloth and pat it, to absorb the excess water.
After that, let your mala dry in sunlight.
Before wearing it again,
buff it with a dry cloth and your mala will look like new again.


Get a bowl of warm water and a soft hand brush. Gently brush your beads with the warm water. If your mala is strung on silver or is gold-plated, we recommend using a soft tooth brush, so you can brush with better precision and avoid brushing the silver, especially the gold-plating. Then, place it on a cloth and pat it, to absorb the excess water. After that, let your mala dry in sunlight. Before wearing it again, buff it with a dry cloth and your mala will look like new again.


Most people become so attached to their Soul Jewelry, they never want to take them off. Many diehard seekers don’t even want to remove them for a shower or a swim. Ironically, in a very spiritual sense, they’re not wrong. Energetically, Rudraksha beads love water! It can actually amplify their sacred energy.

If you have a simple mala, made solely of Rudraksha beads strung on silk-cotton or cotton thread, like those traditionally used for meditation, go for it! However, even with this type of Soul Jewelry, some negative eventualities may occur: besides the possible build-up of mold, if the mala isn’t dried soon after it gets wet, white calcium deposits from the water will likely appear in the beads’ crevasses; in addition, the beads may change color.

To counteract this, follow the cleansing procedure above. Except for simple Rudraksha malas, the main problem with Soul Jewelry coming in direct contact with water is its adverse effects on the materials your Soul Jewelry is strung on, as well as to some of the other ingredients: sIlver will oxidize and tarnish; gold-plating can become compromised & quickly come off; the color of the thread may fade and the tassel may quickly become thread worn and frayed; water or oil can also be absorbed by gemstones, which makes the stone more fragile and apt to crack.

To help protect your Rudraksha beads, you can periodically apply Sesame, Almond, or Coconut oil to them. Let the oil soak in for a moment, then gently rub/buff each bead, which gives them a lovely, warm sheen.

If your Soul Jewelry also has metals and gemstones, simply do your best not to get oil on them. This process helps the Rudraksha keep its original tensile strength longer. But, Rudraksha are not the only natural beads that are positively influenced in this way.


As you know, we recommend you wear your Soul Jewelry directly against your skin, as much as possible. Direct contact enhances the transmission of the Soul Jewelry’s shakti, its spiritual energy. Another natural side effect of this is the color of the Rudraksha beads will darken; first, because of the natural oils in your skin; and, second, as your soul connection to the Soul Jewelry grows, its resonant vibrations increase, which also affects the physical bead; the resulting change of color is a sign of your deepening connection. According to the ancient spiritual texts, natural black seeds emanate powerful protection “circles”.The color change in the Rudraksha beads is also an indication of the amplification of their inherent power of protection. So, when Rudraksha beads naturally and super-naturally turn a darker color, it’s a beautiful sign.


Night is a very special time. When we sleep, our souls are awake and very receptive. This is why we also recommend you sleep with your Soul Jewelry close by. You don’t have to wear it to bed. Instead, perhaps place it under your pillow in a cloth pouch. When your body sleeps, it’s the easiest time to heal and to receive divine energy transmissions. Here’s an additional tip: just before you drift off to sleep, peacefully open your heart and have the intention to receive a healing. We recommend you test this! You’ll see extraordinary results.


There’s only one way your Soul Jewelry can lose its spiritual energy: if it touches the ground. If you place your mala on the ground or it falls on the ground, the Shakti of your mala “de-charges” into the Earth. Like the Earth, itself, Mata Bhumi, the divine energy of this planet, is a huge magnet. Her magnetic pull will gladly accept the positive charge from your Soul Jewelry.

You can prevent this by using a buffer, anything that comes between your Soul Jewelry and the ground. For example, in your home, if your Soul Jewelry falls on the carpet or a mat, it’s no problem. Stone, tile, or wooden floors are a problem. This is one of the main reasons why the tradition of doing meditation practices includes a cloth or mat to sit on. If, during meditation, your skin or your mala touch the ground directly, the Earth will suck the positive charge, in the same way a magnetic pulls iron filings to it. Your mala is a sacred power object that has been blessed and energized, imbued with Shakti (soul power) and should be treated with a practical kind of reverence.


We’re often asked if you must periodically cleanse your Soul Jewelry of negative energies because of: negativity “ingested” directly from you; negativity received from “emotionally dark” people or those with “dark auras” touching it; or, negativity received because of some bizarre or negative circumstance(s). Definitely not! You’ll never need to bury your Soul Jewelry underground, dowse it with crystals or sage, or place it under a pyramid. If you personally feel better doing that, of course, you’re welcome to. But, it’s not required. Rudraksha, Lotus, and Tulsi beads, in particular, and all of our Soul Jewelry are infused with powerful Shakti, sacred energy, which cannot be overwhelmed or neutralized by any form of negativity, including black magic. This is a Divine Golden Statement, a spiritual law.

Rudraksham, for example, transmit an electro-magnetic charge that is self-regenerating. And, once fully activated, their ability to increase in power is virtually limitless. The ancient texts say, once they are activated in this way, it takes as many as 7 generations before they return to their original natural state of dormancy. Throughout that time, every Rudraksha bead’s main energetic characteristic is its 3-fold ability to repel, transmute, and eliminate negative energies. Rudraksha, Lotus, and Tulsi beads help heal and transform your negative karmas; and, they thwart negative energies, which come from outside of you. The very worst thing that happens when anyone else touches your Soul Jewelry is they get some of its positive, healing energy. If a “negative” person touches it, he or she might feel some discomfort, even become unstable, but that’s because of the dramatic shift the jolt of positivity received from your Soul Jewelry transmits to their negative mind-body constitution.


The human body contains 72,000 energetic points, called “nadis” in the spiritual teachings of India. Reflexology is a well-known Western presentation of some of these. Acupuncture is another well-known presentation from the Orient. It is also pretty common knowledge that some of these nadis form clusters, known as “chakras”; and, others form meridians, channels through which spiritual energy flows. In each tradition, the effects of influencing and activating energetic points in the body are well-documented. Energetic meridians run from our fingers and hands and our toes and feet to the energetic core of the body. When a circuit of positive energy is wrapped around these meridians, they produce a powerful, uplifting influence. This is the power of bracelets, bangles, rings, and loop earrings. So, it makes sense to take good care of these pieces of Soul Jewelry, just as you would your mala.

When the metal posts of earrings traverse specific nadis located in the ears, they transmit the energetic power of the whole earring, which influence the specific character of those nadis. For example, the most common placement of earrings is in the nadi, located in the center of the earlobe just above the “lip” of the lobe, which positively influences social status and one’s sense of duty to others, especially one’s family. The majority of our Soul Jewelry earrings include Rudraksha beads, which transmit tremendous protection. Some include gemstones, which transmit their own positive influences. All are worth cherishing.

Handling gold vermeil is a little more delicate.
Silver is a spiritually precious metal. It creates a calming and clarifying influence. Even so, silver’s physical properties are easily influenced by the environment. Silver can oxidize. Regular cleaning may be required to maintain its shine. A gentle polish with a cloth is often enough. But, periodic use of a liquid cleanser is also recommended. As much as possible, just be sure to avoid getting the cleanser on the beads or gemstones. If it happens, remove it as soon as possible with a dry Q-tip.



hile the physical care of your Soul Jewelry is important, how you spiritually care for your Soul Jewelry is even more so. Earlier, we mentioned storing your Soul Jewelry on your altar, a sacred space, which is a beautiful spiritual practice. We also mentioned wearing your Soul Jewelry directly against your skin, which enhances and quickens its intimate energetic connection with your soul. Yet, the most powerful spiritual technique for taking care of your Soul jewelry is to meditate with it.

Part of the inner secrecy of “japa” or mantra meditation is that, with each repetition of the mantra, you charge its divine energy to your soul. During each session, more of the mantra’s power becomes charged within you, becoming part of you, transforming you. Eventually, it becomes fully charged. Since each soul is individual, naturally, the exact number of repetitions of a mantra needed for the mantra to be fully charged to your soul differs. Yet, it’s known that, along the way, a “minimum daily dosage” of repetitions ensures a lasting energetic charge from every mantra. That number is 108. You simply continue daily, open-hearted practice of repeating the mantra 108 times until you complete your exact number. Then, the shakti of the mantra is fully charged to your soul. There are clear symptoms. Its energy will never leave. In fact, it will continue to grow on its own…and so will your soul power.

Meditation malas, traditional necklaces consisting of a circuit of 108 beads, were created to help facilitate this process. Draping the mala in one hand, slipping each bead through your fingers, one bead for each repetition of the mantra until your complete the circuit, ensures you fulfill the minimum daily dosage. Yet, the true beauty of a mala is this:
1) its inherent power protects your spiritual practices
2) it, too, becomes fully charged by the mantra and, in turn, your Soul jewelry becomes an amazing personal Sacred Power Object, which has the ability to transmit the healing power of the mantra and your soul to others, just by coming into contact with it.

This is why Soul Jewelry are considered family heirlooms. They can heal & protect anyone who sees or touches them. And, they hold that capacity for generations.