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Feeling(s) Emotional It’s time we at least get past this one fundamental misconception: feelings and emotions are one-and-the-same; or, at least, they’re interchangeable. They’re not. Feelings can make us emotional, sure, but they’re not emotions. The differences between the two — and how to recognize them — gives you a huge advantage in, well, everything […]

The Super Moon

The Gods Delight Let’s talk astrology, India’s ancient astrology in particular. I could write a thousand words, or two or three, on how astrology, like so much other authentic spiritual knowledge, has gotten a bad rap over time — and I might, someday. But, we’re a little pressed for time here so I’ll stick to […]

Heal & Empower Your Relationships with the 2 Mukhi Power Rudraksha

A Soul Mate is a sacred power channel made manifest through the Divine Feminine. The ancient texts tell us that, during any lifetime, 7 walk the earth for each of us. Whether we recognize them (yet) or not, each influences and supports our path to spiritual enlightenment and the fulfillment of our deepest desires. The […]


Wearing the attraction magnet 6-Mukhi Power Rudraksha is like having Kartikeya, the commander of the gods, inspiring, motivating and guiding you to victory in all your endeavors. It’s energy confers charisma, a commanding presence and the power to influence others more positively. Moreover, it balances the masculine energy in each of us. Rudraksha* beads are […]