I’m so grateful for my Shivaloka soul jewelry, and I know that wearing my pieces at my first live event Off The Charts, really helped me bring my best self to the event and attendees. I love how empowered I feel when I’m wearing my Pushpi mala for “Influence, Charisma, and Magnetism or the Hari bracelet for “Creativity and Communication”. You can really feel the energy of the jewelry, and I get ongoing compliments when I’m wearing it.I’m not usually a jewelry wearer, but I’ve found myself wanting to wear my Shivaloka pieces constantly, because they bring me into greater alignment with the vision I have for the world. Thank you so much for creating this soul jewelry, and bringing the holistic side to beauty and style, too.

Nathalie Lussier, Business Strategist, New York,

You shifted my day, my week and my month. I just received your package. I am still crying. Truly.

I’ve been feeling overwhelmed and less than. Your jewelry really shifted me. Thank you.

Maranda Pleasant, owner/ editor-in-chief of Origin Magazine & Mantra, Yoga & Health Magazine

I was on a weekend retreat with two girlfriends in Monterey, California nursing a broken heart when I walked into a gallery and saw the beautiful Shivaloka Soul Jewelry. I wasn’t really looking to buy anything but when I saw the beautiful Prema bracelet, I knew I had to have it. It called to me as a talisman that I could wear around my wrist reminding me to keep my faith in Love. I bought it instantly and have worn it every day since. Every morning I put it on has been like saying a mantra that, “I believe in Love.” I look at it several times a day and am reminded of my faith in Love. It has become like my mala with each bead and pearl holding my trust and faith in Love. When I fell in Love again, I knew the bracelet had been the keeper of the faith for me. It is my most precious piece of jewelry and I am complimented on it all the time. I can feel the SOUL with which it was made, and I am so grateful for it.

Tina M.Benson, M.A, transpersonal coach, California

The jewelry chose me. I ended up with the Lakshmi Devi and the Hanuman necklaces. The Hanuman mala aids with one’s spiritual experiences, soul power and provides great protection from negativity. The Lakshmi Devi mala aids with fulfillment of desires and prosperity. I have not taken these pieces off since Raymond put them on me. Have I noticed a change in my life? 100% I have. I have a noticed a change in prosperity, changes in my perspective and increased productivity.

Christine, owner of, Los Angeles, USA

I’ve immediately experienced the energy my (Shivaloka) bracelet gives me. It makes me feel more confident, I approach new situations and people with more ease, I have a more open focus towards life and don’t feel obstructed by myself living my life. Especially the Mukhi (special power rudraksha) radiates it’s energy on my arm, giving me a pleasant tingly feeling on and in my arm. It is amazing how, from the moment I started wearing it, the bracelet has given me the energy and clears my path in life.

Boyd, Amsterdam, Netherlands

I visit many yoga conferences, workshops and yoga centers around the world. I’ve come across a lot of spiritual jewelry but looking at them I’m always missing something, although some of them have rudraksha, tulsi seeds or different precious stones. When I first saw Shivaloka jewelry, I got so excited! What peaked my interest was the combination of rudraksha and precious stones that influence the chakras, so I put the jewelry on to test it. The first mala I wore was the ‘Ganga’ mala. The name alone evoked a feeling of humility in me. About an hour after putting the mala on, this warm sensation came over me and I found a red spot in the place of my fifth chakra. I felt inner openness and freedom. I had been heavy with worries about some things that day, and felt them melt away once I was wearing the mala.

Zuzana Klingrova, yoga & fitness expert, & TV Host

I love Shivaloka because it works. In meditation with Shivaloka malas and bracelets I gain new insights, get help and support of a higher guidance on my spiritual path. The last time when I was at a photo shoot for Shivaloka, surrounded by lots of different Shivaloka jewelry, I took a break to rest after some difficult yoga poses and I intuitively grabbed one mala that pulled my attention the most – it was the tender colored ‘Samudra’ mala. I immediately felt its calm, soft, feminine and yet very powerful vibration and my energy shifted drastically from tension into softness and relaxation. The lesson of the Samudra mala at that moment was sudden and clear: to embrace and get back to my feminine side. I was just finished doing challenging “yang style” asanas which increases male energy and more aggressive energy qualities. The mala was an immediate reminder of my personal challenge as a woman to stay calm, open and feminine no matter how hard the situation is without responding defensive, tense, a male kind of response. This mala healed me within a few minutes. It’s amazing how quickly the energetic message of the mala was expressed and how quickly it worked for me. I also have had other different experiences and insights while meditating with different Shivaloka malas and synchronicities happening in my life when I’m wearing Shivaloka bracelets, for example. I feel that each and every piece of Shivaloka jewelry carries such messages and lessons and that they’re delivered to us as through the energy of the jewelry in the moments when we need them, and all it requires is to take the time to connect with the jewelry.

Nina Mel, yoga instructor, founder of N-Code Yoga and energy healer,

For someone like me, who has worked in the fashion industry my whole life, yet always has been interested in spirituality, Shivaloka jewelry has connected these two worlds in the most beautiful way by bringing the ancient indian wisdom into hip jewelry pieces, which not only look great but feel divine. My favorite is the truly empowering Mahabala. I highly recommend everybody to try and experience the power that these unique pieces can evoke within each and one of us! Shanti xx

Martina Peterkova, model, Hong Kong

The beauty of Shivaloka’s jewelry extends beyond their products, both in the care taken in making their pieces, which can be felt when you are wearing them, and in the way you are treated as a customer – like you are a welcome friend.

Constance Culpepper, artist (USA)

Brahma testimonial The night before the ‘Nakaya’ mala came I was awaken from a dream where this snake came and wrapped itself around me and I was screaming help, help. I thought it was going to bite me and it’s face came around to mine and then it kissed my third eye and then I woke up. I recieved the mala that same day. I can feel the vibrations of the protection circles radiating from this mala. I am so grateful to have it! I can recommend any jewelry from Shivaloka, it all has beautiful spiritual vibrations!

Brahma N., healer CA, USA

Laya Clark, Sai Shakti healer wearing Omshivaloka JewelryThe experience of its benefits is instant and powerful…I love this piece. Clarity and focus…yeah! Love you guys!

Laya Clark,, CA, USA

I can feel something when I wear Shivaloka jewelry… I can say I feel better and if I do not wear it, well… it feels as a part of me, a part of great power, is sleeping…

Luca, musician & designer (Milan, Italy)

All I can say is ‘What a find’!!! Absolutely love Shivaloka. The pieces are all exquisite, so even if you’re not so much into the spiritual side of life, you would still have to admire the beauty of this jewellery. For me, I was first struck by how gorgeous the pieces were and found that I was immediately drawn to a particular piece when I was in the shop. Needless to say I didn’t leave the shop without purchasing it. I was intrigued as to why I felt this piece was so special and I have rarely had it off since purchase. It was only after my purchase that I read about Swathimaa and the story behind Shivaloka – it started to make more sense. I have also added to my collection and face every day with a piece of Shivaloka somewhere on me. I find, personally, that life is calmer and I’ve even noticed just how many more people smile at me whilst I’m out and about doing ‘stuff’. Thank you and I have passed on my recommendations to many friends and I certainly wouldn’t miss a visit to your shop whilst in Bali.

Amanda, Australia

I want to thank you for your beautiful jewelry. My two malas are beautifully made and when I gently lifted them from their boxes, I could actually feel their energy. I have many malas from around the world and this is the first time that has ever happened.

I will cherish them – I NEEDED them – and just wanted you to know that I think your items are gorgeous and amazing. Namaste –

Lisa M., Charlotte, NC, USA

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