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On May 8, 2011, we opened the doors to our first SHIVALOKA flagship store in Ubud, Bali — built according to the principles of Vaastu, India’s ancient precursor to feng shui.

It’s been a great blessing to create a house for SHIVALOKA that can be experienced in all its divine energy and beauty. Our store offers SHIVALOKA collection pieces as well as shop exclusive designs. Other services include private consultations, custom designs and Vedic gem readings according to your birth chart.

Please visit us on your next trip to Bali!

49-1 Jalan Hanoman (200 meters south of the Kafe, between Artini 2 cottages & Warung Laba Laba)
Ubud, Bali 80571 Indonesia
Phone +62-821-4590-7527

Opening hours: 7 days a week, 10am – 9 pm

THE HIDDEN POWER OF OUR STORE In July 2011, we installed a powerful sacred object in our store, a Shivalingam. We had just returned from India, where we got to spend time with our Guruji, one of India’s most highly regarded saint and a purna avatar, Sri Kaleshwar. He instructed us to create SHIVALOKA as a power spot and to install a powerful Shivalingam in the store. What an amazing blessing for the world! We invite everyone to come and experience the energy of the Shivalingam and SHIVALOKA as a temple.



WHAT IS A SHIVALINGAM? A Shivalingam is the enigmatic form symbolic of Shiva, the divine energy of trans-formation. As Shiva manifest in physical form, the Lingam magnetizes the blessings of Shiva and confers them on those who stand before it. Its inner secrecy and power are reflected in the union of the male & female energies: the top being Shiva, the base being Shakti, Mother Divine. It is the union of these two cosmic energies that are the immortal foundation of true Enlightenment. Touching the Shivalingam and asking open-heartedly for relief from problems and suffering, one can experience the transmission of real, personal blessings. The same holds true when asking for success in your endeavors, whether they be spiritual or material. The Shivalingam is the living symbol of divine potency and protection. Its power is worth testing in your own life.

SHIVA — A COSMIC FORCE IN NATURE Since creating a personal relationship with the Shivalingam appears to be a form of worship, religious aspects have naturally arisen around it. But, like the sun, Shiva is actually a cosmic force in Nature, which impacts every soul, regardless of culture, religion, or one’s belief system. The Shivalingam sheds its grace on all.

HOW TO ACCESS THE ENERGY Access is key. While the personal practice of mantra meditation amplifies one’s ability to access the cosmic power of the Shivalingam, prayer (inner communication) done with an open heart also produces very real results. 1. Stand in front of the Shivalingam and think deeply on your wish. 2. Touch your 3rd eye/forehead to the lingam top 3. Ask for your wish 4. Then repeat the mantra ‘Om Namah Shivaya’ mentally for a while to receive the energy transmission. Do this for as long as you feel the energy flowing. Om Namah Shivaya means “I deeply bow to you, Shiva” 5. Remember, Shiva is ‘Bhola Shankara’ the divine gift-giver. Whoever comes in front of him with an open, humble heart, he will answer and be with them. His character is unconditional love, always giving, always taking care. Please feel free to come to connect with our Shivalingam anytime you are in Bali.

TRADITIONAL ANCIENT INDIAN WORSHIP RITUAL As custodians of the Shivalingam, our duty is to take care of it using specific processes so that its power and blessings are most freely accessible. This we do by charging the murthi (statue) with the energies of special mantras, some of which were performed in preparation to install the Shivalingam in its setting; others are done on an ongoing basis during nightly Aarati and during Abhishek, which we do at every Full and New Moon.

AARATHI Aarathi’ (pronounced ‘Ha-aarati’) means the blessings of Light. Without Light, there is no life and no clarity. Through Light, the Divine manifests in Creation. Aarati confers these blessings daily in a sublime and elegant way.

ABISHEK Abhishek is the ritual bathing of the murthi with water, milk, and other ingredients. As water & milk possess the properties of amplifying and carrying energy, including the energies of the Shivalingam, visitors are given a portion of the liquids that have washed over the Shivalingam to take home as a blessing. The Shivalingam is then beautifully ‘dressed’ in flowers and Aarati is sung. In these ways, the radiance of the Shivalingam is increased and so is access to it. The ambiance of the store becomes like a temple. The pieces displayed there gain even greater power, which is transferred to the wearer. Many people come into the store simply to enjoy the feeling of the space and to visit the Shivalingam. Whether they purchase a product or not, it is a great joy and our duty to provide this beautiful service. And, we deeply appreciate the well-wishes of those that come to enjoy it.