Sanskrit: n. 1. place of power and transformation;
2. eternally steeped in enlightenment; 3. heaven and home of Shiva,
the Destroyer of Ignorance, the sacred protector and source of divine wisdom.

Each of us has his or her own story. Ours starts with,
Everything you ever wished and hoped could be true about life, is true.” And, because of the spiritual wisdom we’ve been given along the way, we can add, “…and we can show you how and why.”


Our story is not only about recognizing this truth but learning how to be a part of it and share it with others so they might know, live and share it, too. If you like, ours is a story of miracles.

One aspect of the knowledge needed, which makes this possible, is the knowledge of sacred power objects. In our lives, we had the great privilege to study with a powerful spiritual master, who passed these secrets on to us. Through his wisdom and grace, we learned the practical truths and applications of sacred wisdom as well as how to wash away the clouds of misconceptions and misinterpretations surrounding real sacred wisdom and power, including the misunderstandings in the spiritual community, which exist to this day. We learned how to give direct experience, real experience of the divine.
There has always been hope in the world, generation to generation, that we’re on the verge of great, positive change. The signs have always seemed to be there. The need clearly has always been there. Yet, what has been missing are the knowledge and power needed to usher in real transformation, establish it fully and expand it as far as it can possibly grow. For real transformation to occur it has to happen from within and the knowledge, wisdom and power given and gained have to be about that. This is what we do. In this way, our mission is to make your story a story of miracles, too.


I’m getting married! I have been a customer for several years now and absolutely believe that the bracelets you made for me are why I now have love in my life again.

– Christine R. – Australia

The jewelry chose me. I ended up with the Lakshmi Devi and the Hanuman necklaces… Have I noticed a change in my life? 100% I have. I have a noticed a change in prosperity, changes in my perspective and increased productivity.

– Christine S. – USA

I’ve immediately experienced the energy my Shivaloka bracelet gives me. It makes me feel more confident, I approach new situations and people with more ease, I have a more open focus towards life and don’t feel obstructed by myself living my life. Especially the Mukhi (special power rudraksha) radiates its energy on my arm, giving me a pleasant tingly feeling on and in my arm. It is amazing how, from the moment I started wearing it, the bracelet has given me the energy and clears my path in life.

– Boyd – Netherlands

When I first saw Shivaloka jewelry, I got so excited! What peaked my interest was the combination of rudraksha and precious stones that influence the chakras, so I put the jewelry on to test it. The first mala I wore was the ‘Ganga’ mala. The name alone evoked a feeling of humility in me. About an hour after putting the mala on, this warm sensation came over me and I found a red spot in the place of my fifth chakra. I felt inner openness and freedom. I had been heavy with worries about some things that day, and felt them melt away once I was wearing the mala.

– Zuzana – Czech Republic